Instructing new believers

Given our joy from knowing the Lord (Psalm 19:8) and our calling to always be ready to testify to the hope within us (1 Peter 3:15) we are eager to share the Reformed faith with others around us. Though we don’t pretend to know all the answers and though we ourselves cannot give anyone faith, we pray that the Holy Spirit will use us and our instruction to bless others as well.

Knowing the Lord is much more than simply knowing some facts. It is also about the relationship that each individual has with the Lord. Every person has their own unique circumstances and familiarity with the teachings of Scripture. As such, we try to connect those who are interested in learning more about the Reformed faith with mentors from within the congregation. These mentors can then give desired instruction as fits the circumstances.

While the person seeking instruction is under no obligation from us to continue with such instruction, we wish to be up front with the goal of the instruction: namely, to lead a person to professing faith in Christ and thereby joining His Church. To that end, depending upon circumstances, we typically first go through a course explaining the basics of scripture, and followed by an overview of the Reformed faith.

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