Bible Study

Our church holds regular Bible studies throughout the week. A number of the groups are targeted specifically at particular age groups, but all are open to anyone seriously interested in learning more about God as he has revealed himself in the Bible:

  • Youth Group meets every other Sunday evening at the church and is for young men and women aged 14-22
  • Guelph Young Adults meets every other Sunday evening at members’ houses and is comprised of single people and couples between 18 and 30
  • For the Seniors is held occasionally at the Evergreen Senior’s Centre.
  • Women’s Bible Study meets every other Wednesday morning and Wednesday evening.
  • Men’s Bible Study meets every other Thursday evening and Saturday morning.

To encourage dialogue between the different study groups, these Bible study groups typically study the same part of the Bible during a ‘study season’.


Joining our church can be a big learning curve! One way that you can become more familiar with our church is to meet regularly with mentors (typically a couple). If you’re interested, please send a note to our minister using the contact form here.
Additionally, you can find a number of links below to various resources that may assist you in Bible study.


Read the Bible Online

Reformed Publications

Clarion: The Canadian Reformed Magazine
Word and Deed
Reformed Perspective
Christian Renewal Magazine
The Seed
Horizon Magazine
Inter-League Publication Board


Voice of the Church: CIMJ-FM broadcasts in Guelph at Magic 106.1 FM, 7:05 AM on Sundays: listen here

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