October 21, 2012 Liturgy

You can listen to the live service here!

This week’s minister is Dr. VanVliet.

Morning Service

Singing: Psalm 81:1,3,4
Singing: Psalm 79:3
Scripture reading: Leviticus 25:8-12; Luke 4:17-21
Singing: Psalm 126:1,2
Text: Luke 4:19
Responsive Song: Hymn 67:1,2,7
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Profession: Hymn 1
Singing: Hymn 59:1,2 (Prep before Lord’s Supper)
Singing: Psalm 146:3,4 (after Lord’s Supper)
Offertory: Work of the deacons
Closing Song: Ps 116:1,9

Sermon Outline

Jesus Christ proclaims the beginning of the Jubilee liberty.

Afternoon Service

Singing: Psalm 19:1,3,6
Profession: Hymn 2
Scripture Reading: John 8:42-47; James 3:1-12
Singing: Psalm 15
Text: Lord’s Day 43
Responsive Song: Psalm 141:1,2
Offertory: Work of deacons
Closing Song: Psalm 34:2,3,4,5

Sermon Outline

Being a child of God includes a transformation of your tongue.
1. Avoid the works of the devil;
2. Promote the reputation of your neighbour.

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