October 14, 2012 Liturgy

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This morning we will hear from Mr. David Winkel.

Morning Service

Singing: Ps 32:1-3
Singing: Ps. 32:4,5
Scripture reading: Colossians 4
Singing: Ps. 48:1-4
Text: Colossians 4:5,6
Responsive Song: Hymn 81
Offertory: Work of deacons
Closing Song: Hymn 84

Sermon Outline

Season your life with wisdom!

1. Season your walk with wisdom.
2. Season your talk with wisdom.


This afternoon we will hear from Mr. Theo Wierenga.

Afternoon Service

Singing: Psalm 29:1-3
Profession: Hymn 1
Scripture Reading: John 17:1-5; Psalm 148
Singing: Hymn 5:1-4
Text: Lord’s Day 47
Responsive Song: Hymn 63:1, 2, 8
Offertory: Work of deacons
Closing Song: Psalm 148:1, 4

Sermon Outline

The Lord Jesus teaches us to pray for the holiness of God’s name.
1. The meaning of this prayer.
2. The fulfillment of this prayer.

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