July 22, 2012 Liturgy

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This morning’s minister is Rev. John VanWoudenberg.

Morning Service

Singing: Psalm 93:1,4
Singing: Psalm 24:2,3
Scripture reading: Matthew 5:33-37; Hebrews 6:13-20
Text: Lord’s Day 37
Responsive Song: Psalm 105:3,4
Offertory: Work of the deacons
Closing Song: Psalm 25:5,10

Sermon Outline

Specific matter

T. In the third commandment our God forbids specifically the misuse of the oath.

1. The deeper issues at stake;
What an oath is
Swear in my name
What godly swearing showed
Reformation time
Tie to last AM
Anabaptistic position must be wrong
Christ addressing abuse

2. This matter and our conversion.
1. Importance of our words
2. Bearing God’s name
3. Necessity of taking on an oath
Profession of faith

This afternoon we will have a reading by Herman Post.

Afternoon Service

Singing: Ps 42: 6,7
Profession: Hymn 1
Scripture Reading: Job 3
Singing: Psalm 6: 1,2
Text: Job 3: 20-26
Responsive Song: Hymn 35: 1,2,4
Offertory: Work of deacons
Closing Song: Hymn 55: 1,3

Sermon Outline

God’s children also have their questions. We’ll consider
(1) the context of Job’s words;
(2) what Job said; and
(3) what this is telling us today.

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