September 4, 2011 Liturgy

You can listen to the live service here!

This week’s minister is John VanWoudenberg.


Morning Service

Singing: Psalm 105:1,2
Singing: Psalm 99:1,2,3
Scripture reading: Luke 4:14-30
Singing: Psalm 123:2
Text: John 4:43-54
Responsive Song: Hymn 84:1,2,3,4
Offertory: Work of the deacons
Closing Song: Psalm 48:1,3,4

Sermon Outline

The concept of “familiarity breeds contempt”
T. In healing the official’s son, Christ addresses the problem of contemptuous familiarity in Galilee.
1. Christ faces the problem;
Opening verses puzzling
Looking at Galilee, remembering Nazareth
Hence the problem
Modern relevance
Our Saviour faces it!
2. Christ deals with the problem;
Royal official comes
The problem with this man
Problem continues
Response of Christ
3. Christ solves the problem.
Man comes to faith
Why John reports this story
Dealing with contempt today in ourselves
Dealing with contempt today in others

Afternoon Service

Singing: Psalm 12:4
Profession: Hymn 1
Scripture Reading: 2 Timothy 3:10 – 4:5
Singing: Hymn 48:1,2
Text: Lord’s Day 6, QA 18-19
Responsive Song: Psalm 119:40, 49
Offertory: Work of deacons
Closing Song: Psalm 147:6

Sermon Outline

The Bible
T. We confess the miracle of scripture. We thereby confess:
1. Its miraculous composition;
Adam and Eve in Paradise
God did not tell everything all at once
Indeed word of God!
Finally: sent Saviour himself
Bring to Scripture as we have it
OT Canon
NT Canon
Bible today
2. Its miraculous power
If only people would see this
Scripture discredited
Makes sense
Why bother pointing to it?
Power of the Word

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