September 11, 2011 Liturgy

You can listen to the live service here!

This morning’s minister is Eric Kampen.


Morning Service

Confession of Dependence upon the LORD

Greeting in the Name of the LORD

Congregational Singing: Hy. 5

Ten Words of the Covenant

Congregational Singing: Ps. 119:23,24


Reading: John 5:16-47

Congregational Singing: Ps. 107:1,2

Text: John 5:37-40


Congregational Singing: Hy. 28:1,5



Congregational Singing:  Ps. 146:1,3,5

Blessing in the Name of the LORD

Sermon Outline

In the Scriptures the Father himself testifies we must come to Jesus to receive eternal life.

We consider

1.      How we can study the Scriptures and yet miss out on this life

2.      How to study the Scriptures to receive this life.


This afternoon’s minister is John VanWoudenberg.

Afternoon Service

Singing: Psalm 106: 1, 22, 23

Profession: Hymn 2


Scripture Readig: Romans 9:1-29

Singing: Psalm 71:8

Text: HC 7, QA 20


Responsive Song: Hymn 10:1, 2

Baptism: Hymn 7:2


Offertory: work of deacons

Closing Song: Hymn 76:2, 3, 4

Sermon Outline


T. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the gospel of the antithesis.

1. This gives the gospel its offensive character;

The “no” answer is astounding


Ge 3:15

Development to chasm

Throughout Scripture

We are called to recognize it

But why?!


Sovereign God

2. This gives the gospel its comforting character.

See what is going on!

Tie to baptism

Giving faith!

Not easy, but amazing!

Back to the world

And we may be part of it!

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